Tylwol is a setting that uses the Pathfinder system of races, classes and items but has a different twist on the world Pathfinder created for the system. In Tylwol, there is no land on the planet’s surface and instead, everyone lives on the floating islands in the sky that surround the surface of the planet, which is a giant ocean known as The Parth. People travel between each region using short-range transports or flying ships which can dock in on any island. Each are powered using the technological achievements concerning Skystones and Earthstones.

As noted before, every race in the Pathfinder system, even the uncommon and featured races, are represented somewhere in Tylwol, even the mainly aquatic races such as the Merfolk, Undines and Gillmen. However, some races are more common to find in certain regions than others, as listed on the region page. There are about 15 main regions with defined cities and towns, although there are many more islands that are largely uninhabited or completely uninhabited due to various reasons.

The players in Tylwol began their adventure in an abandoned mine, brought together by some unknown architect who handed each of them differently colored Idols and expressed not losing them. The game has just begun but the story has yet to completely unfold.