Crippled Ex-Pirate Merchant


Old human in his sixties with thin white hair and a big white beard. The years have not been kind to him but he still retains a relatively pleasant air about him. Missing his left leg and uses a crutch to get around since the leg was replaced by a plank of stiff wood carved to look like a leg, but unpainted and uncolored.


Once a crew member on The Menelaus captained by the famous pirate Maddox, he lost his leg in a boating accident during rough winds when a rope snagged him, wrapped around his leg, and was then pulled taught by the severe winds pushing on the sail, pinching off his leg. Retiring from that profession, he decided to take up his father’s shop in Zephyrion and renamed it Nielson’s Bazaar in commemoration of his recently deceased father. He has kept the shop for about twenty years now and has no intention of going back into piracy, a decision he now sees as youthful ignorance.

His shop is the secret public entrance way to the Tieralas Association


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