Captain Jeb

Boisterous Sky Pirate


Male Sylph getting close to middle age
5’ 11’’


Jebediah, or commonly known as Captain Jeb, is a Sylph sky pirate captain in command of the ship The Gorgon. The captain attempted to rob the ship the party was on as they traversed from Irfel to Nabal and proudly announced his name to them in hope that they would submit. Upon seeing four of his finest men fall within seconds to the party, he quickly detached his ship from the ship the party was on and flew away, almost killing Eydan Fayara in the process, who ran part of the way up the gangplanks to try and set The Gorgon on fire.

Jebediah seems to have a connection with Jaqen and following the sinking of Calaun, Jeb joined the party to retaliate against the Varion, Deon and the Vodans.

Captain Jeb

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