Commander Gaul

General of the Turac Forces in Nabal


Heavily Armored Merfolk woman in her thirties.
7’ 8"


Getting old but still feared by her enemies and highly respected by her troops and all citizens of Turac and Nabal for her combat genius and strategic prowess. She has managed to hold off the might of Uhlam easily without even going to any other island for help and refusing to bring up the pains of the war to her superiors, insisting that she now show the true strength of Turac to all the world by easily beating back the aggressive and well-equipped Uhlam. One of the two generals in charge of the Turac forces, the other being General Fauxwurth, but Gaul is in command of the forces in Nabal so has to also handle the recent Orc uprising and the recent events happening in Gralarium. And she is still winning every battle.

Commander Gaul

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