Director of the Tieralas Association


Tall 6’ 5" Aasimar man with long brown hair and a short trimmed beard. Appears to be wise beyond his age, even though he seems to be only 70 years old (young for an Aasimar). Constantly in his large shining armor with his longsword and tall tower shield at his side, ever ready to protect.


Mysterious but wise, Gaius is known personally by each person already in the Tieralas Association and have a specific memory of his kindness that somehow changed their lives. He acts as father to every person he meets and deems good and a general Guardian to the men and women of the association. As the head of the Association, Gaius is crucial in the decision making process along with his right hand man Arumat, a Fetchling whom he reformed.

The rest of Gaius is a mystery, no one knows where he comes from or what he really did before the Tieralas Association. His past is one of the few things he refuses to speak to anyone about and when asked, he will simply smile and say, “It is a very long and uninteresting tale, pay it no mind.”


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