The Tattoo'd Mystery


Female Half-Elf with long blond dreadlocks and bright green eyes. Commonly wears brown furs she had gotten from her days in the wild. There is a large gaudy tattoo across her neck that reads her name in elvish.


Ki Isara is not sure if her real name is Ki Isara. As far back as she can remember, she grew up by herself in the forests of Hunryr and always had the tattoo on her neck. Figuring this was her name, she simply adopted it as such at a young age. After years of surviving by herself in the wild, she finally approached a group of travelers who were passing by in the wild. Not knowing how to communicate with them, the group took Ki to the neighboring city. The civilians in the city all took Ki in as a child of the city, teaching her the ways of modern society, namely how to speak, although she still has trouble keeping a long conversation and usually keeps to herself. Arumat was a part of that party that brought her back to society and returned years later to see how she had progressed. Impressed with her developments and her retained skills from her wild days, he offered her a spot in the Tieralas Association, to which she eagerly accepted.

She has grown more skeptical about the tattoo on her neck and has begun to investigate the importance of the tattoo, leading her to become good friends with Alerya, who has found this mystery one of the most intriguing she has seen in years.

Ki was found with her throat slit in the hallway of the Tieralas Association following the violent escape of Varion Frost.


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