Mervin Dunn (DECEASED)

The Blood-Stained Hand of the Gods


Mervin is a tall 6’ 2" Human with short grey hair, even though he is only 32 years old. He sports heavy full-plate armor and a large tower shield.


Mervin was once a mercenary who only fought for the highest bidder, and there always was a highest bidder. His skill and might on the battlefield led some to refer to him as “The Hand of the Gods” and all that came before him eventually fell before his mighty hammer and everyone wanted to buy his swordarm. Sadly, a few months back the highest bidder was the kingdom of Uhlam, who then used him to fight against Turac and Nabal. During one engagement, the Uhlam soldiers he led claimed victory outside of the small town of Wilum on Nabal and the Uhlam soldiers proceeded to kill the men left in the village, rape the women and kill the children. Upon witnessing two soldiers try to rape a young woman, Mervin grew furious and slew them both with one swing of his hammer. He saved the woman and her child and led them away from the scene. Once outside of the city, the woman said he was a dog just like the rest of the Uhlam soldiers and promptly left him lost in confusion toward the whole situation in the woods. He never returned to the Uhlam army, despite not getting paid, and found where the woman now lives in Djat.

Gaius found him one day trying to drink himself to death in a bar and offered him a chance to fight on the good side for once, in the Tieralas Association. He decided then to only fight for those who really need his help and are worthy of his help, not just the highest bidder. All of the money he makes now gets sent directly to the home of that woman in Djat, as he sees that as one step closer towards a true apology for what he has done in the past.

Mervin Dunn (DECEASED)

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