The Violent Bard


Norm is a very, very large and muscular half-orc with dark-green skin and rough stringy hair that sometimes falls over his eyes. He is always carrying around a large wooden club that looks like it was once something else, also evidenced by the singular string tight taught from the thin end of the club to the “hitting” part of the club. He always refers to himself in the third person.


Norm grew up a choir boy. Or at least, that is how he always pictured himself. He would always try out for the local temple’s choir and every year was shot down, so he would storm in during rehearsals anyway and try to finish singing the song the choir was currently on. Needless to say, Norm and his family were soon “politely” asked to leave the city. His dream stayed alive though and he eventually attended The Bardic College when he grew up in hopes that if he were to get professional training, others would accept his voice. However, due to Norm’s experiences, he because violent one day in class when the teacher tried to take his precious Great Lute away from him because he kept strumming it in class. Thinking they were trying to throw him out, he swung his lute at the teacher, sending him hurtling into the opposite wall of the classroom, unconscious. Norm then stormed out of the College, swinging his club at anything and everything in his path as he ran in tears. Gaius found Norm crying in a cave outside of Baltar and cheered him up by getting Norm to sing a song to him. Gaius then brought Norm to the Tieralas Association and there, Norm found a group of people willing to accept him, something he had never encountered before. He developed a friendship with Arumat very quickly and the two are often partners on missions.


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