Informant of the Tieralas Association


Short Halfling, about 3 feet high, with short brown hair and a long face.


Pan is constantly around his best friend, Yarl, and both are always on the move, talking fast and loud, although sometimes incomprehensible. One of the few people that can stand being around Yarl, who cannot hold a comprehensible conversation because of her almost ADD. Both come from Irfel and grew up together in the small town of Lewq. Now, the two work as information gatherers for the Tieralas Association, using the many contacts they have somehow gathered over the years to discover the secret workings of Tylwol.

Pan was found with his throat slit in the hallway of the Tieralas Association following the violent escape of Varion Frost. Thankfully, he was able to relate what happened to the others before he passed away.


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