Captain of the Daedalus


Female constrite with and two metallic legs and a metallic left hand. Long brown hair and bright green eyes. Stand around 5’ 7" and is 22 years old.


Seor is the captain of the Tieralas Association‘s ship The Daedalus and has been on ships ever since she was taken from her home on Vicinix when she was 15 years of age. She developed a respect for her captor and even began to admire him, quickly changing from a captive on the ship to being a part of the crew. Eventually, she left the crew on her own terms without a fight and began captaining her own ship, which she named The Daedalus. Upon raiding a town in Zundae, she took her own captives with the hope that she could ransom them for more money. One of these captives was Gaius, who surrendered quietly and without a fight. During his stay on the ship, he had many conversations with Seor and the other people on the crew, slowly converting them back to the ways of good. However, Seor’s first mate, Thales, discovered that Seor had changed and planned to release the prisoners and give back the money they took. Thales then attempted to literally stab Seor in the back one day but right before dealing the blow, Gaius stopped him by grabbing Thales’ arm with his bare hands and snapping it. Seor then saw the strength of Gaius, who could have easily resisted capture and thanked him for reforming her ways and saving her life. After releasing the captives and giving back the money, Seor promised to do anything for Gaius, who then recruited her as the official sky captain for the Tieralas Association.


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