Sir Larkon Boztun

Knight Captain for Rex Shepard


Tall male Oread (respectively) with no hair except for a full black beard from ear to ear. Always travels around in his full knight gear.


Sir Larkon is the knight captain for the troops that guard the leader of Zephyria, Rex Shepard. He has had this position for almost 40 years now and has a personal connection to the Rex himself, the two are often found together laughing and doing just about everything as friends. Despite his light-hearted nature, Sir Larkon is very serious when it comes to his job and can be very intimidating when he draws his spiked shield and longsword. Sir Larkon is one of the only members of the Tieralas Association that hold another position while being a part of the association and is also one of the only members who does not call the association his home, instead preferring the guardhouse topside.

Sir Larkon Boztun

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