Varion Frost (DECEASED)

The Betrayed Assassin


Varion is a 22-year-old male human of average height with long dark brown hair and blue eyes. Despite his background, he is very vocal and is often looking for someone new to talk to.


Varion was once an Assassin from Deszeld who worked for the king of Turac, King Tafarion. After years of service acting under his every whim during the war, a mission came that sent him and his long-time partner, Angkor, deep into enemy lines to try and eliminate one of the generals of Uhlam and strike a decisive blow against the enemy. Upon entering the home of the general, Varion remembers hearing the word “Goodbye” before being knocked out. He awoke tied up in a cart leading away from the city but was able to cut out of his bonds and kill the man driving the cart and three guards that were with him after overhearing from one of the guards of Angkor’s betrayal. Now, Angkor has a scar on the back of his head of where he was hit and is always looking for information on the whereabouts of Angkor, leading to his friendships with Pan and Yarl.

He was offered a place in the Tieralas Association by Arumat, who valued Varion’s skill with a blade and his values toward secrecy and stealth. Varion is commonly accompanies Arumat on his stealth missions, as the two are the most discrete people in the association and thier personalities get along very well.

Varion Frost (DECEASED)

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