Vivian Jool (DECEASED)

Former Cook Turned Alchemist


Vivian is a 19 year old Ratfolk female and her fur is dark grey with a light blue tint to it.


Vivian grew up on Eroese the daughter of the cook for the miners, the only one who knew how to make decent food. After her father died in a mining accident, she took over his job at the young age of 7 and had cooked for the miners for about ten years. During that time, with some experimenting, Vivian discovered how to inflict pain through food and learned enough about the condition of the deprived miners that she became a skilled experimenter. However, reports about her experimenting spread and the men of Jool were planning on killing her before she experimented on them, since they figured she would do exactly that. Gaius got to her before the other Joolians did and took her away to the Tieralas Association. Owing him her life, she fights for the cause.

Vivian Jool (DECEASED)

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