The Firesky Wars

Burning city

The Firesky Wars occurred thousands of years before this campaign, approximately 782 T.C., and was focused on the islands that surround the large island and former metropolis of Tesson, for this was the area of the former Voden Empire. The Voden controlled the islands of Tesson, the capitol of the Empire, Haana, Gaulir, Umerus and Phrexia, and was also in the process of claiming Calaun as the sixth Island of the Empire. The Voden were well known to not participate in amicable relations with other nations, to the point that they would send well-trained soldiers in place of diplomats to other nations, since their only mission was to gauge the power of that nation and determine how many troops would be needed to conquer it.

It was for this reason that the Voden Empire provoked the other nations of the world to form together to create the first Tylwol Congress, led by the Nation of Thoth,, who’s first object of discussion was the Voden problem. The vote was unanimous and thus, the world was at war.

For multiple years, the Voden were winning the majority of the battles, even managing to land an entire land force on Thoth, where they ravaged the land, burning crops and forests in an attempt to cause havoc on the island that leads the Congress. The tide turned when a Thothan diplomat named Irvyn managed to strike a deal with the Metallic Dragons on their home island of Atrux to assist the Congress in the War against the Voden. Then, knowing they were easily outgunned against the sheer might of the Voden military and navy, the nations of the Congress resorted to loading up their zeppelins and airships with explosive material and driving them straight into the hearts of the Voden cities. It is for this reason these series of events are known as the Fireky Wars.

Destroyed city

A full year of non-stop bombing and burning reduced the Voden empire to a shadow of it’s former self, forcing them to request a treaty or cease-fire. The Congress flatly refused and destroyed every city the Voden had and captured the rest of the Voden troops left on the various islands around the world. Every Vodan captured was then either executed or jailed until their eventual death, leading many to believe that the Voden race itself was exterminated.

Most of the records of the Firesky Wars were located in the ancient cities that led the Congress at the time, such as Taal on the island of Thoth, which was later abandoned only 100 years after the conclusion of the Firesky Wars due to the slash n’ burn tactics of the Voden and the overuse of the resources by the people of Thoth, leading to a barren wasteland. These fugitives then took the island of Calaun as their new home and the island of Valos became the new home of the Tylwol Congress, which prospers to this day as the protectors of the world against war.

The Firesky Wars

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