Director of the Tieralas Association


Tall and sleek Fetchling with Black hair and dark grey skin. He is 32 years old and his blood red eyes are relatively fearsome.


This Fetchling was the first person encountered by the party. He seems to have been the one that put every character to sleep and placed them in the Abandoned Mine in Eroese, but that was all to bring the party together in hopes that their Idols would activate when together and that they would see the problems in the world for themselves. After clearing the darkness in the room so everyone could see, he recalled his pet flying snake which he called Ix and gave each player an idol of different colors and expressed strongly not to lose them. Upon wishing them “good luck”, he left the party in the mine to fend for themselves.

He is one of the founders of the Tieralas Association, along with his long-time friend Gaius, who reformed Arumat from being a petty thief to the man he is today. Although no longer evil, Arumat still retains a sort of maniacal sense of humor, placing the party in a skeleton-filled dungeon instead of just bringing them together more peacefully. He is a kind man though, and will lend a hand if he has one to spare.


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