President of the Bardic College


Old Halfling former-Bard with just a little blondish hair left around his scalp.
3’ 2’’


President of The Bardic College in Baltar, the capitol of Nabal. With the status of President, Irton has become the most influential person in the city of Baltar and is often regarded as the leader of that city, although he is not the leader of Nabal, that position being held by President Leucetius. He is content with being where he is in the society, however, and does not aspire higher since he is already busy enough managing the Bardic College. For instance, Irton still needs to deal with the damage dealt to the College when a certain disruptive student stormed out and destroyed much of the hallway in his path.

Upon Meeting him, Irton gave the party a writ that will allow the party to bypass the lockdown now in effect in Gralarium.


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