Sarosh Sabaton

The Vampiric Sniper


Sarosh is a female Dhampir with long, curly black hair and rather pale skin. Although she looks exactly like a Human with unnatural beauty, she is over 140 years old. She stands 5’ 7’’ and is usually seen wearing a dark hooded cowl, if seen at all.


Sarosh was born on the island of Zundae and thus grew up in an area where she was loved and accepted, a rather strange occurrence for Dhampirs, even in the diverse islands of Tylwol. However, she opted to hide herself as far away as possible, eventually ending up on the island of Hunryr, where she erected a cabin in the Gonn Forest, where she honed her magical abilities and her skills as a hunter to provide for herself. Sadly, a few adventurers in the same woods, about 20 years after Sarosh moved to Hunryr, were killed by a pack of wolves and left to rot with a massive number of bite and tear marks over their body, presumably chased off by some more fearsome force. The adventurers were found by the officers from the local town and Sarosh, who’s cabin was nearby, was blamed for the incident.

Sarosh was brought before the present Atarax, Quirin, to answer for her crimes. Impressed by her renowned skills as a hunter, she was hired by the Atarax to serve the government for the amount of time she would be sitting in jail. She was known as the Atraxian Sniper, the hand of the Atarax, to eliminate any problems the Atarax faced within the island without any concrete proof of association between the Sniper and the Atarax. After serving her sentence, she returned to her cabin, which had since been burned down and rebuilt over by other hunters. Discouraged, she turned away only to face Arumat, who revealed that he knew her identity. He offered her a job at the Tieralas Association to fight for a worthy cause instead of the whims of a paranoid aristocrat. She accepted.

Sarosh is commonly off on her own jobs for the Association, opting to work alone, but will work with others is it means finding a way to stop Turis. She is always a welcome companion and her deadeye accuracy is not to be trifled with.

Sarosh Sabaton

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